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Meet our Plaintiffs

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Arati Kreibich is an activist, community organizer, scientist, former elected official and former candidate for Congress. She believes that the only ways we can successfully tackle our compounding crises of climate change, racial inequities and healthcare is through bold transformative solutions.


Christine Conforti is a sustainability advocate, business leader and public servant. As a teacher, entrepreneur, and candidate for office, Christine has worked to resolve social and economic injustices relating to health care, wages, and the environment.

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Joe Marchica was a candidate for Mercer County Democratic Committee in 2020. After that campaign's conclusion, he became the founder and Chair of  Our Revolution Trenton Mercer, a progressive advocacy organization fighting for progressive candidates and policies at all levels of government. This includes everything from Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, to transforming public safety and criminal justice reform, to providing housing as a human right and fixing our primary ballots by abolishing the county line. He believes it is crucial to fix our primary ballots if New Jersey is to achieve such popular, progressive policies that meet the needs of the people. He is also a Better Ballots NJ Campaign Ambassador.


Kevin McMillan is a public servant, businessman, and nonprofit leader dedicated to his community in Neptune township. He has served as an elected official for over 15 years as police commissioner, deputy mayor and mayor.

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Mico Lucide is an activist in Atlantic County, working to uplift those who are left out of conversations. He got his start in LGBTQ+ activism, and branched out into civic access, workers rights, Medicare for All advocacy, and environmentalism. He believes that the core of being a progressive lies in fighting for a government that is representative of and responsive to the people.


New Jersey Working Families is a grassroots independent political organization fighting for a government that represents the needs and values of working families. We elect candidates who share our values and organize campaigns to advance progressive policies. Together we’re building a movement of working families to build a New Jersey for the many, not the few.

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Zinovia Spezakis is a clean energy executive, an immigrant, and an activist who ran for Congress working to fight the climate crisis and ensure New Jerseyans can live in a clean and healthy environment for generations to come.

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